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Image Makeover

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Romantic love is one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences a person can have in their life. The art of romancing has been a subject of art since the beginning of time yet often a bewildering mystery in the pursuit of one’s true and only. Like anything, romance is practiced and learned through experience. It takes more than desire and willingness to attract and maintain the affection of those we seek. Sometimes we need a little help. The late poet, Oscar Wilde said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Karian Forsyth, owner of The Ideal Match, has worked hard to define how people perceive each other, and more importantly, how they perceive themselves.Finding romance doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. In fact, the rediscovery of oneself—the primary resolution to the art of romance—can nurture profound changes in the quality of life we live in more ways than one. To honor this transformation and bring to clients an experience unlike any other, Forsyth introduces a VIP Package of services along with The Ideal Match’s matchmaking process—carefully selecting a team of professional and experienced advisors in a variety of life changing disciplines.


Toast a glass of champagne with The Ideal Match’s owner, Karian Forsyth and enjoy one-on-one image consulting and personalized shopping experience. The power of attraction begins with projected confidence and character—develop unique style with Karian’s focused fashion tips and learn the art of modern etiquette. image_makeover_3Feel empowered and find your personal style by maximizing your personal assets.


Successful Dating doesn’t just happen. Dating Skills and Tools need to be learned to create your best dating results. People are very diverse in all aspects of life. Our Certified Dating and Life Coaches provide each of our members with the most proven ‘Dating Techniques’ and skills.  Our Dating Skills Sessions allow each member to gain realistic information and feedback about the ‘Truth About Dating’ not the unrealistic information that is often on the Internet.


Many studies indicate that people who exercise regularly benefit from endorphins that improve positive thinking and lower rates of depression. The Ideal Match’s personal trainer strives to develop fun, effective and efficient weight loss and toning programs that offer a variety of results for clients. Proven effective and safe, these programs will allow you to build emotional, as well as physical strength and improve the health and quality of your life.


By combining the latest medically-based, scientific technology with a passion for beauty, customizing a beauty treatment plan is both easy and a uniquely personal experience. Let’s face it, sometimes the gym just isn’t enough. Non-invasive procedures are a great way to feel better about your appearance. The Medical Spa we use is the premier aesthetic facility in San Diego specializing in effective skincare therapies.


Our highly talented Home Designer comes into your home to honestly evaluate what needs to be done to ensure a comfortable dating atmosphere in your home. Research has proven that a comfortable dating atmosphere plays an important part when trying to ‘get to know someone in an intimate setting’. Often by the 4th date an invitation is extended to meet at one of your homes. You want to make sure that your home is an image_makeover_1inviting atmosphere where the two of you can be comfortable, be your authentic selves, having attractive lighting and create an overall home that is conducive to successful dating. Entertaining at home can often be the best dates ever!

Our Hair Stylists have one goal in mind… to create the most attractive hairstyle for your face. Our Hair Stylist Experts create the best ‘hair style frame’ that fits your face and current style. The right hair style can be one of the most important physical ‘shifts’ a person can do to enhance their face.

As women, often our makeup says a lot about us. Makeup can either enhance our facial features or not. Our Makeup Artist has worked with numerous women to create the most natural yet alluring look possible. The right makeup evaluation and techniques by our Makeup Expert can make all the difference in the world towards accentuating your eyes, smile, cheekbones and overall facial attractiveness. We want you looking your most beautiful!

Every person that is seriously open to a relationship needs a fantastic, embracing current photo of themselves to use for all your dating prospecting needs. Our expert Photographer creates a professional photo of you to attract your desired match. Often, your photo is your 1st impression, so make it the best photo possible.

Your nutrition can make or break your physical, emotional and energy self. Your daily diet can make all the difference in your image_makeover_2world to blend your nutrition with your ‘dating and overall balance’. Our Expert Nutritionist will ‘Map Out’ your best, most realistic and desired nutritional eating plan. It is proven that our food can energize us or zap us of our energy. The choice is always up to you!

The amazing transformations happening at the Ideal Match all begin with the exclusive VIP Package. These VIP Makeover Services can instantly elevate the standards, practices and overall dating attractiveness of each of our Members. In a world of ‘first impressions’ it may take some time to reveal the beauty of your heart and mind. These Total Makeover Services provide each Member with the best chance of making sure the quicker dating evaluations positions you in your best light for meeting new people.